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The Big Jig Launch Pad

The Big Jig Launch Pad

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The Big Jig Launch Pad offers the innovative storage system of the Big Jig Box in a modular format. We’ve all experienced it, we need to swap out your jig for another color and time is of the essence. You pop your jig off only to realize you now how to put your jig back into the box and dig out the correct color. The Launch Pad solves this problem. Now you can have a variety of colors right at your fingertips, just ready to swap out, all while allowing temporary storage of the jigs you swap out. he Hard Bait Launch Pad with the 3M adhesive allows you to adhere the Launch Pad to nearly any hard surface, allowing to to have access to your lures wherever you need them.

  • Patent pending Big Jig anchoring mechanism keeps jigs or hooks securely in place
  • Keep a variety of colors or sizes at your fingertips
  • Dry out your jigs or hooks before storing them
  • Keep jig heads separate and prevent them from being chipped and damaged
  • Keep lures organized
  • Capacity for 11 jigs or hooks
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